Take flight in the first-ever game to launch on the GUNZ blockchain!

The first game on the GUNZ blockchain is here! In TECHNOCORE, you can hack a drone and zip around a sprawling desalination plant. Seek out HEXes to earn amazing rewards, in-game items and start flinging that loot around on the GUNZ marketplace! 

Seek out HEXes to earn amazing rewards, in-game items and start flinging that loot around on the GUNZ marketplace!


the game

In TECHNOCORE, you take on the role of a hacker using a faulty drone stationed at a desalination plant. So really, you’re doing them a favor, because they should have maintenance logs for these things. You’re just showing them where their vulnerabilities are in their security system! And exploiting them ever so slightly. Err, payment for a job well done? Let’s go with that.

Using two on-screen joysticks, you’ll guide the drone over enormous salt piles and swoop under twisting steel pipes. Or smash right into them — sure, you’re just checking for collision damage. We believe you. So why did you do it six times in a row, huh?


Why so salty?

This desalination plant isn’t gonna take your hacking lightly. Make sure you avoid the complementary bullets from the oh-so-generous security turrets! They’ll ruin your day faster than an over-eager parking enforcement officer with a brand-spanking new book of tickets to write out. 

Use the drone’s sonar ability to locate items, then scoop up as much loot as possible before time runs out — or you’re shot out of the sky! Once you complete the level, you’ll earn in-game currency and EXP to upgrade your drone and level up. 



Did you find a cosmetic part? A weapon part? Gather all four item parts — either in the game or through trading for missing parts on the marketplace — to unlock the complete item!

With regular reward updates and periodic level resets, you can swipe plenty of loot out from under the security turrets...if you’re fast enough.  


To make everything simple, your TECHNOCORE account is the same as your GUNZ Wallet account. Efficient and exclusive? Ooh-laa-laa!

Any HEXes you earn in TECHNOCORE will be stored on your account, so you can hop onto the GUNZ Wallet App whenever you’re ready to start decoding those bad boys and see what loot you got. Decode, trade, and let’s get this marketplace a-going!


TECHNOCORE is free to play!
Locate the item, find it, scoop it up, and head to the extraction point without being shot down...and before the time runs out!
Your drone has a sonar ability to scan the environment and highlight available items.
Once your drone is maxed out, you can continue leveling up by tearing down your drone and starting again. In exchange, you will receive a healthy supply of points.
In the main menu, select “Equipment” to find the drone upgrade section. Here, you can choose to spend in-match cash called RIP to upgrade different parts of your drone.
RIP is in-match cash that you earn as you play TECHNOCORE. With it, you can upgrade different aspects of your drone. Earn RIP by completing levels.
HEX boxes are loot boxes found in TECHNOCORE. They contain weapon parts and cosmetic parts as NFT items.
When you create an account on TECHNOCORE, you will automatically create an account with the same details on GUNZ. Log in to the GUNZ Wallet App with these credentials to find your HEX boxes and decode them.
GUN tokens can be used on the GUNZ marketplace. You can check how many GUN tokens you have on the GUNZ Companion App.
You can currently use GUN tokens to trade for other NFT parts from other players. For example, if you have unlocked several NFT parts for a weapon, you may be able to find a player selling the NFT part you need to complete the set on the GUNZ marketplace.
You will keep the extracted and decoded items (from HEXes) in your wallet. However only full and not partial items will be available in Off The Grid initially after we allow wallet binding with OTG. All the items including Pioneers Program rewards can change their characteristics during further development of the game. That includes but is not limited to visuals, serial number, rarity and stock limits.


If you have any questions about TECHNOCORE, we have you covered here.